The accommodation choices at Casa In are diversified into two options. Guests can either choose an entire apartment for themselves or indulge in the single room choices with all the common amenities to revel in. The entire 3 bedroom in an apartment are explicitly designed to soothe the travelers with plush furnishings and top notch amenities. The décor of the room is also curated to astonish you each time you walk in. 

Living Area

The living area is exquisitely designed with the finest furnishing to invoke the felling of aristocracy in you. The space is also rigged with an entertainment unit for you to indulge in. The spacious area doubles up as a common facility when the rooms are taken individually where one can meet and make friends with the other roomies during their sojourn.

Work Station

The crew at the hotel understands the importance of keeping up with the work schedules when you are away. For the same, in every apartment the hotel also provides a workstation along the computers and wifi facility to keep the guests connected to work schedules.    

Dining Space

The dining space provided within the room for those who prefer self cooking is spacious and well equipped with ambient dining furniture. Unwind with the tastes that remind you of home at ease!


A fully equipped kitchen with all the modern features is provided in each unit for those who prefer to cook for themselves. On request the provisions will be procured for the guests to have a relaxed dining experience within the four walls of the room.